Photoshop Shortcuts

a – direct selection tool

b – brush tool

c – crop tool

d – default foreground and background colors

e – eraser tool

f – Toggle screen modes

g – gradient tool

h – hand tool

i – eye dropper tool

j – spot healing brush

l – lasso tool

m – Marquee tool

o – dodge tool

p – pen tool

q – quick mask tool

r – rotate view tool

s – clone stamp

t – text tool

u – shape tool

v – move tool

w – quick selection tool

x – switch foreground and background colors

y – history brush tool

z – undo



When using the pen tool you can use the modifier keys to help create your shapes.


Shift key – removes points

Ctrl key – direct selection tool

Alt key – convert points tool


Shift key – removes points

Cmd key – direct selection tool

Opt key – convert points tool